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Emergency Assistance

Emergency Assistance

Looking for help? Contact our local 2-1-1 information line. Managed by our local Human Resource Council, 2-1-1 tracks community resources and connects you to the best help available.


We are currently accepting donations to support the 2019 Flood Response, just select "Disaster Assistance Fund" when you give. Help Now.


Want to help with the next disaster or emergency?

When in doubt, start with a monetary donation. Give to the Disaster Assistance Fund

Help by donating money to Missoula disaster-relief:  go to and select “Donor Information” for appropriate allocation to a specific disaster or to our general disaster assistance fund. Your funds will be used in the most transparent and professional manner to ensure that, together, we make a difference in our communities affected by disaster. Before a disaster, or in the beginning stages, finanical reources are often the most beneficial to those dealing wih a disaster. Our Disaster Fund makes sure our community has the resources to help.


Disaster Assistance Fund

Aoril 22, 2019: at the request of Missoula County's Office of Emergency Services, we bagn accepting onations for the 2019 Flood Response phase. Donations to our United Way stay in the local community, and will be used as they'e needed throughtout the Disaster Cycle (see the graphic below). We'll keep this page updated so you know when funds are being deployed in each phase of the cycle. Want to larn more, or be part of this work? Email Eric Legvold.


United Way of Missoula County’s disaster assistance fund supports community members affected by natural disasters. At the request of Missoula County’s Office of Emergency Management, United Way operates as the repository for donation fund management. Additionally, United Way finds and leverages resources for disaster management by building partnerships with local agencies, nonprofits, and the private sector to form a volunteer response, helping contribute to management solutions in real time.


Disasters do not appear and disappear over a brief period of time – they exist throughout a lifecycle. United Way of Missoula County operates the disaster assistance fund in collaboration with the Missoula County Office of Emergency Management, deploying accrued resources when and where necessary in the disaster management life cycle. Disaster assistance fund resources will be used to strengthen and promote disaster and emergency services in the following mission areas: mitigation, preparedness, response and recovery.




For more information about emergency management life cycle, please visit Missoula County Office of Emergency Management.


Would You Like to Volunteer?

Volunteer Missoula, operated by the Missoula Nonprofit Center and United Way of Missoula County, offers the opportunity to get involved and make a difference.  For more information, please visit Volunteer Missoula.