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5,2,1,0 Let's Move! Missoula

The rate of childhood obesity in Missoula* is holding steady and in some cases decreasing among Missoula’s third-grade students. This is attributable to work in schools and the community by Let’s Move! Missoula partners to improve Missoula’s culture of physical activity and health. But obesity remains a serious public-health issue in Missoula: one in four third graders is overweight or obese, and one out of every three seventh and 10th graders is overweight or obese. Much work remains to be done—especially when research indicates that 50% of these children will become obese as adults, costing our community millions of dollars in health-care expenses alone.
*As documented by surveys of Body Mass Index (a ratio of body weight to height).
Let's Move! Missoula partners meet regularly, to assist in their pursuit of culture change and increased physical activity and health. Partners include: 
Missoula City-County Health Department (staff Let's Move! Missoula programs)
Missoula Family YMCA
United Way of Missoula County
Missoula County Public Schools
Missoula Parks and Recreation Department
University of Montana
More partners are joining us today!