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Campaign Coordinator Toolkit

THANK YOU for coordinating your organization's annual workplace giving campaign.  Your passion for United Way is what fuels our work year round and you are our best tool for educating your colleagues about United Way.  As a corporate partner, you will benefit from having your employees involved through giving and volunteering.  Employee engagement is a great way to boost morale and provide leadership development opportunities to staff.  As a company, this is a great way to build your reputation as a charitable corporate partner.  Our staff and Development Committee are here to help you every step of the way, but this guide should get you off to a good start in planning and executing your organization's campaign.  



United Way hosts trainings for Campaign Coordinators early in the fall to give you tips on holding an effective campaign, updates on United Way's work, and to give coordinators the opportunity to meet one another and share ideas.  We encourage you to attend one of the coordinator trainings, dates will be posted here when they are scheduled.  



Below are some useful steps for running your campaign.  You can also download a campaign checklist for easy reference and/or the campaign coordinator guide for more information. 

STEP 1: Plan Your Campaign

  • Work with management to identify colleagues that would be a good fit to help with your campaign and assemble your campaign team (if possible, it's helpful to have a representative from each department involved).
  • Work with your CEO or senior leader to determine the campaign time frame and budget for campaign activities. 
  • As a campaign team, with leadership input, determine:
    • Theme
    • Goal
    • Incentives
    • Special Events
  • Gather promotional and educational materials from United Way, many of which can be downloaded here.
  • Determine whether paper pledge forms or online pledge processing will work better for your company and let United Way know.  
    • For paper pledges, send an employee roster to United Way to have pledge forms personalized. 
  • Encourage senior leadership to lead by example by giving their gift early and increasing their level of support.
  • Encourage senior leaders to actively support the campaign by attending evetns, speaking at campaign committee meetings, and endorsing the campaign through personal communications.  
  • Set a start and end date.  We recommend limiting your campaign to two weeks.

STEP 2: Launch Your Campaign!

  • Share your goals: Utilize emails, newsletters, signage, and other materials to spread the word to your colleagues about your campaign and campaign goals.
  • Educate and Inspire: Utilitize emails, newsletters, signage, and other materials to help employees understand what United Way is, what we do in our community, and why your campaign is important to our work.  Visit the Campaign Materials page for downloadable email templates and promotional materials. 
    • ​Special events can be a fun way to engage employees, here are some examples of special events. 
    • Incentives can also encourage employees to participate in the campaign, here are some examples of campaign incentives. 

STEP 3: Make the Ask

  • Bring employees together to learn about United Way's work. 
  • Invite someone from United Way to come talk to your team about United Way.  
  • Explain to employees why your organization supports United Way and why you in particular give to United Way. 
  • Inform employees about how their donation impacts our community and ask them to join you/the organization in supporting United Way.
  • Let your employees know if your company offers a match to their gift.
  • Distribute pledge forms and inform employees of the deadline to return them.  If using online pledge processing, give employees instructions on how to access their account and inform them of the deadline to complete the online form. 

STEP 4: Thanking and Recognition

  • Say thank you early and often!
  • Use certificates, plaques, thank you cards, special awards, United Way pins, or hold a thank you event to say thank you.
  • Thanking colleagues is one of the most important and rewarding parts of being a campaign coordinator. 

STEP 5: Finalize Results

  • Turn in you results as early as possible.  
  • Either schedule a time for United Way to come pick up your pledge forms or drop them off at the United Way office (412 W. Alder St.). 
  • Donors keep the pink copy of the pledge form, your company keeps the white copy, and United Way gets the yellow copy. 
  • Once you have collected all the pledge forms, fill out the envelope and corporate pledge form (if applicable). 
  • Sign and seal the envelope, retaining a copy of the front for your records.  
  • Share the results with your team and congratulate everyone for holding a successful campaign!