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Day of Action 2020

Each  year, we hold United Way Day of Action--galvanzing volunteers across our community.


This year we're doing something a little different.

Friday, Sept. 4, 2020

A few in-person groups are working in our community. They taking care to be safe, keeping their distance from each others and (mostly) working outdoors.

There are always to help in rour community!

May we suggest a more do-it-yourself approach? Help make our community better by taking action in your neighborhood. Look below for a list of projects to choose from-or do what you know needs ding in your neck of the woods.

Even though we can't all gather together, we can still make a difference. Here are some ways you might help out in our town:
  • Weeding a neighbor's garden
  • Writing thank-you letters to teachers, nurses, grocery store workers and other essential personnel
  • Picking up trash
  • Donating food/supplies to Missoula Food Bank/ Donation Warehouse
  • Offering to mow your neighbor's lawn
  • Donating money to your favorite nonprofit (see a list of Missoula nonprofits here)
  • Sewing face masks for at-risk community members
  • Donating to the YWCA's Secret Seconds 
  • Clean out your garage and donate to Home ReSource (acceptance policy here)
  • Donating books to one of Missoula's Little Free Libraries (find them on the map here)
  • Bringing trash bags on your hike and pick up dog poop and litter
  • Grocery getting for your elderly neighbors 
  • Walking a neighbor's dog 
  • Setting up a lemonade stand - proceeds go to your favorite nonprofit - for the kids
  • Pulling weeds on public land (check here if not sure
  • Making cards to send with Meals on Wheels or to distribute at senior living residences
  • Checking for more projects!


What is Day of Action?

Day of Action is a community wide day of hands-on volunteering.  United Way of Missoula County connects volunteers from local businesses with local nonprofit organizations and our own programs to complete various projects, like painting, clean-up, yard work, etc.

United Way Day of Action demonstrates how volunteerism is vital to our community.  It empowers people to work together to address some of the community’s most urgent needs.  The event provides a firsthand look at the services offered in our community. The hands-on volunteer experiences provide excellent opportunities for employee team-building.  It also spotlights United Way of Missoula County’s role in bringing volunteers together to advance the common good for all.  Volunteer teams from local businesses that wish to participate in the Day of Action will be matched with projects submitted by our nonprofit partners.