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Quick Tips for Parents


Young children learn all of the time and making the most of every moment can help ensure they are set for success when it's time for kindergarten. Once children get behind in school, it's hard for them to catch up. A child behind in third grade faces an uphill battle.

By helping toddlers and preschoolers learn, we can improve graduation rates--and success later in life. That's why we put together these Quick Tips. Please use them with a child you know, or pass them on. Ensuring our children are prepared to lead our community takes all of us working together!


About Quick Tips:


Early Childhood Quick Tips is a publication of Graduation Matters Missoula, a collaborative effort of Missoula’s families, schools and community to help every student stay and succeed in school through high school graduation. These periodic tips are designed to help parents support early learning and development before their child starts school.