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Workplace Campaigns

When your organization runs a workplace campaign, your employees benefit!

Employees from Mountain Water during their United Way campaign

Workplace campaigns make it easy and convenient for your employees to give. Offering them the chance to give through payroll deduction also helps them give more, impacting our community more, than they thought they could.

  • Workplace campaigns maximize the impact of your employees' gifts.

  • Workplace campaigns educate your employees about giving opportunities, allowing them to make informed giving decisions.

  • Workplace campaigns provide information about services, enabling your employees to use them for themselves, friends and families.

  • To find out if your company has a United Way workplace campaign, please contact your human resources department.

Interested in starting a campaign at your company?
Please contact Rosie Goldich at


Click the appropriate link below to access your organization's ditigal campaign platform:


Looking for materials or information for your workplace campaign? 

Ambassador's Guide (tips, ideas and everything you need to run a top-notch workplace campaign)

The Power of Your Gift (use this to explain the power of each gift)


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