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Goal: Improving People's Health


Good health is important to us all. Whether it is a neighbor without health insurance, a victim of abuse, or someone struggling with mental illness or an addiction, we are working to ensure everyone has access to affordable and quality care.

Looking for information to help your child? We also support the Parent Resource Guide, published by The Missoula Forum for Children and Youth. It has great facts and ideas on how you can support the child (or teen) in your life.


To achieve our goal, we:

  • Support critical health-care services, including early-detection screening 
  • Reduce substance abuse, child abuse, and domestic violence
  • Prevent childhood obesity
  • Reduce and prevent suicide
Project Tomorrow Montana: Suicide Prevention & Education

Preventing suicide is everyone's business. Montana has the nation's highest suicide rate and has had one of the highest rates for years. But there are many effective strategies that can be employed to stem this tragic tide. To shed a light of hope on the dark issue of suicide, and to increase alignment and collaboration between public and private organizations working to prevent suicide, United Way helped start Project Tomorrow Montana.  Click here to visit the Project Tomorrow Montana website for more information.