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Zero To Five Missoula

A good education is a start for a good quality of life. Education provides the means to get a good job with enough income to support a family and save for retirement, and it also allows people to make better choices and improve their health. We know that education is a driver of success later in life. That's why we make enhancing education for all of our children a priority. 


We're also the Missoula anchor organization (staffing) for Zero To Five Missoula, new collaborative effort, a community-wide movement to make sure every resident of Missoula County understands the importance of this critical period of life, and to connect parents and caregvers to the knowledge, skills, and resources they need to help children thrive. See more about this work here.


Parenting Resources

We can all use a little help, sometimes. Plese visit Parenting Montana by clicking here (from Montana State University) for some resources--you can even search by your child's age.   

Back-to-School Backpack Program

You can help provide the school supplies a local student needs for the new school year, by giving here.


Imagination Library




United Way of Missoula County administers Imagination Library for children living in Missoula and Mineral counties, age 5 and younger.


Read more about it here, including how to sign up your children for this exciting book program! 





To achieve our goal, we:

  • Foster children’s physical, emotional, social, and intellectual growth

  • Support effective strategies to improve graduation rates

  • Provide after-school and mentoring activities for at-risk youth